Council & Committee

Council on Ethics for Engineers

@Council on Ethics for Engineers is designed to deal with ethical issues commonly existing over engineering and engineers, and promote for diffusing its importance under the cooperation with major societies that are deeply related to science and technology for the purpose of societies being collaboratively tackling with ethical issues in the field of science and engineering.
The council has a study group holding regular meetings to discuss topics shown below and conducts public symposia based on its research.

  1. Promotion and education of ethics
  2. Information exchange on ethics
  3. Joint working on education, training and research over ethics
  4. Support for researchers and technical experts engaging in ethical issues
  5. Public announcement of comments on ethics
  6. Issues necessary to discuss or cooperate over ethics

Council on Continuing Professional Development

@The mission of the JFES's Council on Continuing Professional Development (CPD) is to organize CPD activities that engineering societies deal with according to the actual situations on their fields, deepen collaboration in their CPD activities and improve the quality. The activities of the council are as the follows:

  1. To improve the social awareness of Japanese engineers
  2. To exchange information on qualifying and continuously fostering engineers, and establish basic environment ideal for engineers
  3. To clarify the philosophy on engineer education widely accepted by companies as well as society, and plan and conduct good-quality programs for improving technical skills
  4. To deal with issues necessary for accomplishing the councils' mission

Environmental Consortium for Scientific Technique

@Environmental Consortium for Scientific Technique works for the following missions:

  1. To promote for deepening public understanding social missions and roles of personnel in science and technology, especially technical experts.
  2. To improve educational environment (esp. for elemental and intermediate level) enabling personnel in science and technology, especially technical experts and researchers to be fostered.
  3. To provide specific illustrations of career path as an engineer and improve its working environment so as to be a useful option for the young on choosing their occupation or designing life in their career.

Business Administration Study Forum of Societies

@Business Administration Study Forum of Societies consists of regular members of JFES and the secretariat representatives of its organization members. It holds a regular meeting every month except August to work for contributing to member societies' business through discussing measures and sharing information on issues common to them.

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