WECC2015 List of Exhibitors (as of November 12, 2015)

Exhibition Floor Maps by Booth No.

Registration Fee for Participating in Exhibition only: JPY 1,000/per person

Technical Exhibition

WECC2015 Exhibition will include cutting-edge technologies developed by research institutes and enterprises in industrial fields encompassing electrical and electronic goods, ICT, machinery, chemicals, materials, resources, energy, environmental technology, transportation systems, construction, medical treatment, life sciences, and services.

11:00 – 18:00, November 30 (Mon.), 2015
9:00 – 18:00, December 1 (Tue.), 2015
9:00 – 16:00, December 2 (Wed.), 2015
Kyoto International Conference Center (ICC Kyoto)
Event Hall (3,000sqm )
Annex Hall (1,500sqm )
Please complete the Exhibitor Application Form and submit it to the Exhibition Secretariat at your earliest convenience.
September 30 (Wed.), 2015
April 30 (Thu.)

Note:  Applications will close as soon as all booths have been filled.
Booth allocations within the Exhibition venue shall be determined by the organizers after the deadline for applications.

  • Technical Exhibition (Revised as of June, 2015)
  • Exhibition Guidelines
  • Exhibition Application (Revised as of June, 2015)

Proposed Exhibit Fields and Sample Topics

Construction and Infrastructure for Society
  • Core infrastructure (bridges, roads, flood control, dams, harbors, airports)
  • Innovative maintenance technologies (building, civil engineering, marine engineering)
  • Disaster management information systems
  • Robot technology for use at disaster sites and related operating systems
  • Urban infrastructure (housing supply, urban planning, facilities for aging societies)
  • Environmentally friendly next-generation architecture
  • Other
Energy, Environment, and Green Innovation
  • Effective use of water resources, water usage systems, food production & agriculture, food processing
  • Renewable energy, new energy forms, biomass, solar heating, geothermal power generation, wind power,photovoltaic generation
  • Energy conservation & efficient use of energy, highly efficient clean thermal power generation, heat management technology, air conditioning, home insulation, next-generation lighting, refinement of nuclear power generation
  • Energy storage devices and systems, next-generation rechargeable batteries, fuel cells
  • Innovations in energy transmission & creation, chemical processes for energy creation, hydrogen production & supply systems
  • Smart grids, smart city infrastructure, smart communities
  • Environmental innovation, prevention of air pollution, exhaust gas treatment technologies, resource recycling processes
  • Other
  • Advanced transportation systems
  • Railroad systems (bullet trains, urban rail, etc.)
  • Bicycle & motorcycle technologies
  • Marine transport technologies, shipping, ocean development, resource exploration
  • Aerospace technologies
  • Robot technologies and safety
  • Measurement & control system technology
  • Resource development, mining machinery
  • Logistics systems
  • Other
Life Innovation
  • Diagnosis & treatment technologies (medical diagnostic devices)
  • Medical treatments using new functional materials, biomedical materials, biocompatible materials
  • Safety technologies
  • Application of engineering to reusable medical technologies
  • Technologies for healthy living, medical treatment innovations (nursing and medical care, wearable robotic technologies)
  • Other
Chemistry, Materials, Resources, and Industrial Competitiveness
  • Development of new materials to support industrial competitiveness
  • Utilization of big data
  • Resource development, "urban mines," resource recycling, mining machinery
  • Ocean development
  • Next-generation devices
  • High-performance structural materials
  • Ceramic materials (glass, electronic components, carbon fiber, environmental & energy materials, industrial & structural materials, biomaterials)
  • High polymer materials
  • Metal materials
  • Manufacturing process equipment & systems
  • Industrial testing & evaluation devices
  • Other
Electrical, Electronic, and ICT Fields
  • Wireless communications & smartphones, fiber optic communications networks
  • Next-generation broadcasting systems
  • Cloud computing & utilization of big data
  • Next-generation electronic components & materials
  • Other

Inquiries regarding technical exhibition matters

Technical Exhibition Secretariat for WECC2015
(c/o Space Media Japan Co., Ltd.)
E-mail: wecc2015@smj.co.jp