December 1 (Tue.), 2015

PS 1-1 Reconstruction innovation
The Recycling Work for Pratt Truss built about 119 years ago - Katsumi Bridge made of Egasaki Bridge (Sumidagawa Bridge)

Junto Ueno (Oriental Consultants Ltd., Japan)

Resilience Evaluation of Girder Bridges in Japan

Heang Lam (Waseda University, Japan)

Floating Type Temporary Cofferdam Method
Innovative Dam Redevelopment, A New Coffering System for Underwater Work

Takayuki Kambe (Kajima Corporation, Japan)

A Holistic Approach Into The Impact Of Sodium Hypochlorite On Polypropylene Fibre Reinforced Concrete

Peter Hughes (University of Fukui, Japan)

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PS 1-2 Land/city conservation and disaster mitigation
Attempt at reinforcing the crisis management capability against large-scale sediment disasters through the use of the PDCA cycle

Youichi Sako (Sabo Frontier Foundation, Japan)

Estimating residential damage costs from Tsunami of great earthquakes along the Nankai trough:The case of Kochi Prefecture, Japan

Hiroshi Sao (Tokyo City University, Japan)

Estimating residential waste from great earthquakes along the Nankai Trough: The case of the western region of Shizuoka prefecture, Japan

Akio Onishi (Tokyo City University, Japan)

New developed in-situ apparatus for evaluating the liquefaction susceptibility of soils

Shunichi Sawada (OYO corporation, Japan)

The disaster prevention base of the 'Michi-no-Eki' (Roadside Station)

Satoshi Akiyama (Japan Institute of Country-ology and Engineering, Japan)

Proposal of a method to visualize the risk of a landslide dam disaster

Miki Chiba (Sabo Frontier Foundation, Japan)

Applying airborne disaster monitoring system for the 2014 Hiroshima landslides

Susumu Takagishi (PASCO CORPORATION, Japan)

Study on the Variation Regularity of the Strength Index of Xigeda-Soil-Dam Reinforced with Bamboo along with the Change of Saturation

Wenjie Dai (Economics and Management School, Jiujiang University, China)

Impact assessment of climate change on water-related disasters for building up an adaptation strategy

Yasuto Tachikawa (Graduate School of Engineering, Kyoto University, Japan)

River Embankment Monitoring by MMS, UAV and Handy-Laser

Gaku Takamatsu (PASCO CORPORATION, Japan)


Akito Sone (NEWJEC Inc., Japan)

Actions for Maintenance and Lifespan keeping of SABO Facilities

Hisashi Watanabe (Sabo Frontier Foundation, Japan)


Toshiaki Yoden (NEWJEC Inc., Japan)

Efforts for disaster prevention and mitigation for the future in the area of river management with the aim to national resilience

Masato Okabe (Japan Institute of Country-ology and Engineering, Japan)

A framework for disaster early recovery support using CIM model based on Photogrammetric Techniques

Katsunori Miyamoto (Japan Construction Information Center Foundation, Japan)

Development of System for Distributing Urgent Evacuation Information during Tsunami

Fumitoshi Imamura (International Research Institute of Disaster Science (IRIDeS), Tohoku University, Japan)

Slope Failure on the Foot of Volcano in Izu-Oshima Island by Wipha (The 26th Typhoon in 2013)

Satoshi Nonami (OYO corporation, Ltd., Japan)

A Maintenance and Repair Plan of Dams

Kiyonori Miyashita (NEWJEC Inc., Japan)


Tsutomu Tanaka (Eight-Japan Engineering Consultants lnc., Japan)

International Flood Initiative activities toward robustness for flood management

Masahiko Murase (ICHARM/PWRI, Japan)

Seismic retrofitting method using only reinforcing bars and small members (RB Method)

Kenichi Suzuki (East Japan Railway Company, Japan)

The Planning Context of Emergency Shelter Park in Urban Area- Cases in Taiwan

Jieh-Jiuh Wang (Ming Chuan University, Chinese Taipei)

Development of Novel Flood Forecasting System for the Chao Phraya River Basin of Thailand based on Rainfall-Runoff-Inundation Model

Yasushi Inoue (Foundation of River & Basin Integrated Communications, Japan (currently CTI Engineering Co., Ltd.), Japan)

Introduction of Experimental and Calculation System for Tsunami Risk Management: TECS-TRM

Yasuo Kotake (Toyo Construction Co., Ltd., Japan)

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PS 1-3 Robot technology used at disaster sites and its operating system
Robotic solutions for environment monitoring and disasters prevention

Michal Grzes (Bialystok University of Technology, Poland)

An Autonomous Transfer System for Debris Occurring by Demolition Work in Radioactive Area

Satoru Miura (Kajima Corporation, Japan)

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PS 1-4 Strengthening national interests and creating new industries using big data
Urban OS as an integrated social service platform

Hisato Matsuo (Kyushu University, Japan)


Pawel Malinowski (University of Science and Technology in Cracow, Poland)

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PS 2-1 Wider applications for fossil resources: Conventional and non-conventional resources
Development of 700bar Super High Pressure-Robust Compressor

Satoshi Saburi (Mitsubishi Heavy Industies, Ltd., Japan)

Wind/PV Hybrid of DC Electric Vehicle Charging Station with Bi-directional Converter

Maged N. F. Nashed (Electronics Research Institute, Egypt)

The use of green environmental protection comprehensive sustainable development of ecological agriculture straw biogas engineering

Ruidong Cao Wang (Ruidong Cao, China)

Oxyfuel power plant for CO2 capture in Callide Oxyfuel Project

Toshihiko Yamada (IHI Corporation, Japan)

Prospect of Poland's coal in Twin IHI Gasifier-TIGAR

Anchan Paethanom (IHI Corporation, Japan)

Stable catalytic activity of Co/LSAO-perovskite catalyst on steam reforming of toluene

Kent Takise (Waseda University, Japan)

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PS 2-2 Power generation technology
Progress Update of MHI Air Blown IGCC and Oxygen Blown Gasification Plant

Junichiro Yamamoto (Mitsubishi Heavy Industies, Ltd., Japan)

High power High-Efficiency Gas Engine with 2stage turbo-charger and the latest technics for engine development

Akihiro Yuki (Mitsubishi Heavy Industies, Ltd., Japan)

Key Technologies and Load Map for Ultra High Temperature Gas Turbine

Koichi Ishizaka (Mitsubishi Heavy Industies, Ltd., Japan)

Concepts and Features of ATMEA1 as the latest 1100MWe Class 3-Loop PWR Plant

Nobuki Uda (Mitsubishi Heavy Industies, Ltd., Japan)

Utilization of Low-Valued Iron Ores as High Performance Materials to Develop a Novel Hot Gas Cleanup Method for an Integrated Gasification Combined Cycle

Naoto Tsubouchi (Hokkaido University, Japan)

RBWR (Resource-renewable BWR) for Recycling and Transmutation of Transuranium Elements

Masaya Ohtsuka (Hitachi, Ltd., Japan)


Yoshinori Kobayashi (Mitsubishi Hitachi Power Systems, Ltd., Japan)

Study on Lightning Impulse and Switching Impulse Test Voltage Waveform for UHV-class Electric Power Equipment

Toshihiro Tsuboi (Tokyo Electric Power Company, Japan)

Stability of Pt2Ru3 anode catalysts against CO in PEFC using multiscale modeling

Md. Khorshed Alam (Kogakuin University, Japan)

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PS 2-3 Renewable energy sources and energy storage technologies
Development of Numerical Simulation Technique for Combustion with Solid transportation

Hideshi Shingeya (Mitsubishi Heavy Industies, Ltd., Japan)

Optimal Sizing of Distributed Generation and Energy Storage in a Standalone Power System Considering Reliability and CO2 Emission

Ying Yi Hong (Chung Yuan Christian University, Chinese Taipei)

Study of an electrical characteristics for a hot-spots diagnose of single-crystal Si photovoltaic by a contactless type.

Tsugutomo Kudoh (Kanagawa Institute of Technology, Japan)

MobileBioGas: Mobile filling station of cleaned and compressed biogas

Sebastian Koziolek (Wroclaw University of Technology, Poland)

The effects of metal ions and L-cysteine on hydA gene expression and hydrogen production by Clostridium beijerinckii RZF-1108

Xin Zhao (Northeastern University, China)

Local Biomass Resource Utilization in Sewage Treatment Plants in Japan

Sadahiro Ito (Japan Institute of Wastewater Engineering and Technology, Japan)

Modeling and assessment of wind energy at four sites in Kuwait: onshore versus offshore

Esam Alawadhi (Kuwait University, Kuwait)

Performance assessment of porous burner firng fuel with low heating value

Jarruwat Charoensuk (King Mongkut's Institute of Technology Ladkrabang, Thailand)

Development of a simple and quantitative evaluation technique for the potential of unused thermal energy

Akira Tomigashi (Yachiyo Engineering Co., Ltd., Japan)

Hydrogen production from ammonia as energy carrier by pulsed plasma techniques

Yukio Hayakawa (Gifu University, Japan)

Global ocean wind energy resources for the next 20 years

Chong-wei Zheng (College of Meteorology and Oceanography, People's Liberation Army University of Science and Technolo, China)

High efficiency Power conditioning system for residential photovoltaic power generation

Toshikazu Okubo (Hitachi, Ltd., Research & Development Group, Japan)

Analysis of Diagnosis and Warning for Key Errors in Yaw Braking System of Wind Turbines

Tao Kang (Guodian United Power Technology Co., Ltd, China)

MW-scale Grid Connected Redox Flow Battery Systems

Yongrong Dong (Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd. , Japan)


Olusegun Koleola (Herriot-Watt University, United Kingdom)

Design And Construction Of A Direct Passive Solar Dryer For Tilapia Fish Filets.

Elijah G Ikrang (University of Uyo, Nigeria)

Impact Of Distributed Generation Size On Distribution System When Fault Occurrence

Santipont Ananwattanaporn (Faculty of Engineering, King's Mongut Institute of Technology Ladkrabang, Thailand)

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PS 2-4 Energy saving and efficient energy use

Christopher Jantai Boniface (Faculty of Engineering, Universiti Malaysia Sarawak, Malaysia)

Concept of new heating and cooling network-system (Smart Heat Grid)

Takeshi Nagai (Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan)

Flat Glass Furnaces Waste Heat Utilization for Combined Heat and Power - A Case Study

Zhiwei Li (Cleaning Combustion and Energy Utilization Research Center of Fujian Province, Jimei University, China)

Entropy Based Evaluation of Thermodynamical Potentials of Oxy-fuel Combustion, Normal Air Combustion and Regenerative Combustion

Kenichi Sato (Hokkaido University, Japan)

Effect of Pore Density of ceramic foam on Stabilization of Premixed LPG flame

Ponepen Laphirattanakul (King Mongkut's Institute of Technology Ladkrabang, Thailand)

Promote the heat supply metering Charging system of china by legal method

Li Luo (Beijing Institute of Technology, China)

Hydrogen separation through silica hybrid membranes

Mikihiro Nomura (Shibaura Institute of Technology, Japan)

Acetic acid separation through novel ceramic membranes

Kotone Oura (Shibaura Institute of Technology, Japan)

Inorganic reverse osmosis membranes synthesized by using a chemical vapor deposition method

Ayumi Ikeda (Shibaura Institute of Technology, Japan)

Effective ethanol extraction through silicalite zeolite membranes

Ryuhei Ono (Shibaura Institute of Technology, Japan)


Shigemasa Yamagami (The University of Kitakyushu, Japan)

The application of value engineering for improving the environmental contamination status in China

Xiangkun Yang (Shanxi Construction Engineering (Group) Corp., China)


Benoit Boudour (Polytech Clermont ferrand, France)

On Sustainable Vehicle Management

Katsumi K. Moriwaki (Daido University, Japan)

Energy Harvesting by Piezoelectric Power Generation using Mechanical-acoustic Coupling

Hirotarou Tsuchiya (Graduate School of Tokai University, Japan)

Development of energy consumption reduction systems based on the Ionic Semiconductor and relation technologies

Kenji Tamura (Tokyo Metropolitan College of Industrial Technology, Japan)

Increasing Thermal Efficiencyfor Hot Air Generatorusing Biomass Gas StoveforDrying Processeswith Change Directionof Hot Air

Parkpoom Sriromreun (Srinakharinwirot University, Thailand)

High-efficiency solar thermophotovoltaic system using selective absorber and emitter consists of multilayer coating

Asaka Kohiyama (Tohoku University, Japan)

The validation study of energy saving technology for high performance housing in coldest climate in japan

Kiyoko Kamada (Hokkaido Bunkyo University, Japan)

Development of Three-phase Superconducting Power Transformer

Tohru Eguchi (Kyushu Electric Power Co.,Inc., Japan)

The status of High Temperature Superconducting Cable Project in Japan

Tomoo Mimura (Tokyo Electric Power Company, Japan)

Development of 450MVA-STATCOM to improve power system stability and mitigate overvoltage for the long distance power transmission

Kenji Masaki (Mitsubishi Electric Corporation, Japan)

Analysis Of Harmonic Problems For Light Emitting Diode (Led) Roadway Lighting

Suntiti Yoomak (Faculty of Engineering, King's Mongut Institute of Technology Ladkrabang, Thailand)

Analysis Of Harmonic In Light Emitting Diode (Led) Street Lighting System Integrated With Photovoltaic (Pv)

Suntiti Yoomak (Faculty of Engineering, King's Mongut Institute of Technology Ladkrabang, Thailand)

Analysis Of Harmonic In Led And T5 Lamp In Indoor Lighting

Santipont Ananwattanaporn (Faculty of Engineering, King's Mongut Institute of Technology Ladkrabang, Thailand)

The Study Of Impact Of Electric Vehicle Charging In Household With Renewable Energy System

Atthapol Ngaopitakkul (Faculty of Engineering, King's Mongut Institute of Technology Ladkrabang, Thailand)

Economics Cost Of Solar Pv Rooftop Less Than 10 Kw Commercialise To Provincial Electricity Authority In Thailand

Nuchtita Suttisinthong (Faculty of Engineering, King's Mongut Institute of Technology Ladkrabang, Thailand)

Performance Evaluation Of Solar Rooftop System In Different Region Of Thailand

Nuchtita Suttisinthong (Department of Electrical Engineering, Faculty of Engineering Thonburi University, Thailand)

Energy Consumption And Co2 Emissions At A Steel Fabrication Plan - A Case Study

Guomin Zhang (RMIT University, Australia)

Pt-Fe porous hollow nanocapsule with highly enhanced oxygen reduction activity and durability for polymer electrolyte fuel cells

Hidenori Kuroki (Kanagawa Academy of Science and Technology, Japan)

CO2 separation using mixed matrix membranes

Hidetoshi Kita (Yamaguchi University, Japan)

High temperature carbon separation with ceramic-based sorbents

Izumi Kumakiri (Yamaguchi University, Japan)

Analysis of Water Transport and Prediction of the Fuel Cell Performances in PEFCs

Yuhei Oshiba (Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan)

Design and Implementation of Intelligent Energy Efficient Conveyor System for Object Identification and Placement System using Robotic Vehicles

Irfan Ahmed Halepoto (Mehran University of Engineering & Technology Jamshoro, Pakistan)

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PS 3-1  Satellite-based technology, land and marine survey, resource investigation, disaster monitoring
Large scale flood predictions using a Rainfall-Runoff-Inundation Model and satellite based information

Takahiro Sayama (Public Works Research Institute, Japan)

Research on a Buoy System for Alarming and Tracking Spilled-oil

Jinling Bao (Jiaoyun Center, China)

Disaster monitoring for the Great East Japan Earthquake utilizing SAR satellite-based technology

Kazuo Yoshikawa (PASCO CORPORATION Satellite Business Division, Japan)

Field observations of tidal current in Isahaya Bay

Takuya Oba (Kyushu University, Japan)

Long-term Global Changes of mean sea level and semi-diurnal tidal amplitudes

Kaori Tanaka (Kyushu University, Japan)

Application of the SPH method based on the shallow water equations for coastal ocean modeling

Yosuke Morimoto (Kyushu University, Japan)

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PS 3-3 Water resource and environmental management
Project Update of 500 TPD CO2 Capture Demonstration Plant for Coal-fired Power Plant

Takuya Hirata (Mitsubishi Heavy Industies, Ltd., Japan)

Enhancing desalination by reactivation of carbon materials and membrane capacitive deionization

Yan Zhao (Northeastern University, China)

Treatment of rural non-point source domestic water by moving bed biofilm reactor (MBBR)

Binhui Jiang (Northeastern University, China)

Development of Autonomous-Mobile Floating-Robot for Velocity Measurement in Natural Rivers

Tsuyoshi Nagasaka (Kyoto University, Japan)

Effects of strip roughness on surface velocity divergence in open-channel flows

Shinya Gotou (Kyoto University, Japan)

Protection of geysers as tourism and environmental resources : Applications of the dynamical model of a geyser induced by gas inflow

Hiroyuki Kagami (Fujita Health University, Japan)

Integrating adsorption on carbon nanostructures and advanced oxidation processes for depolluting wastewaters with persistent organic pollutans

Ulises J. Jauregui Haza (Instituto Superior de Tecnologias y Ciencias Aplicadas (InSTEC), Cuba)

Takizawa dam construction project; creation of new landscape in a national park and compilation of gravity dam construction technologies by Japan Water Agency

Kenji Someya (Japan Water Agency, Japan)

Adsorptive treatment of dye wastewater using a chitosan-based particulate hydrogel: preparation and characterization as a pH-responsive adsorbent

Kaori Saito (Tokyo City University, Japan)

A Research and Demonstration Project:The patterns of functional genes and microbial floras in multimedia constructed wetlands in expressway service area in cold region

Xuexin Liu (China Academy of Transportation Sciences, China)


Hongyuan Fang (Yangzhou University, China)

Introduction of a water quality simulation model which requires low computational load (WEC model)

Sadao Takahashi (Japan Water Resouses Environment Center, Japan)


Yuta Shimizu (Chuo Univercity , Japan)

The relationship between the rainfall intensity, the water level and untreated water in Edo-castle outer moat in Tokyo, Japan

Yuki Tsushima (Chuo University, Japan)


Miji Choi (Chuo University, Japan)

The effects on water quality changes in Nihonbashi River from untreated sewage water inflow during rainfall

Shanshan Chen (Chuo University, Japan)

A study on the short-term characteristics of rainfall phenomenon

Yoshihiro Nagata (Chuo University, Japan)

A Basic Study of the Reliability Evaluation of Levee Stability Based on the Theory of Stochastic Process

Kazuhiro Yoshimi (Chuo University, Japan)

Integrated sediment management for reservoir and river basin sustainability

Tetsuya Sumi (Kyoto University, Japan)

Study for Water Resources Master Plan in Malawi

Masakazu Miyagi (CTI Engineering International Co., Ltd., Japan)

Centralized Wastewater Management Kabul City, Afghanistan

Zabihullah Farkhari (University of the Ryukyus, Japan)

Dhaka City Solid Waste Treatment For Saving The Surface Water

Mohammad Asaduzzaman (University of the Ryukyus, Japan)

Rain Gauge Network Desing In Kabul Rive Baisn

Fazlullah Durrani (University of the Ryukyus, Japan)

An Advanced Solution Of Solid Waste Management At Kabul City

Abdul Wahid Amiri (University of the Ryukyus, Japan)

Climate Change Impacts On Water Resources In Kabul River Basin, Afghanistan

Jamal Abdul Naser Shokory (Ministry of Energy and Water, Water Resources Directory, Afghanistan)

Ozone Micro-bubble Process for Safe and Secure Water Reuse

Ichiro Embutsu (Hitachi, Ltd., Japan)

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PS 3-4 Advanced recycling technology
Removal and Recovery of Gold(III) by Sorption and Reduction Using Microorganism

Takehiko Tsuruta (Hachinohe Institute of technology, Japan)

Production of Carbon Nano-tubes from Agricultural and Municipal wastes

Ranjana S. Baruah (India)

Extraction and characterization of geopolymers, synthesized from auriferous mining waste

Walter L. Pardave (Industrial University of Santander, Colombia)

Sustainable concrete waste recycling - Engineering developments on appropriate use of recycled aggregate for concrete

Yasuhiro Dosho (Meijo University, Japan)

Superheated Steam Degreasing System for Oily Metal Waste Recycling

Naoki Maruyama (Mie University, Japan)

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PS 4-1 Environmental friendly and sustainable cities & housing

Tomohisa Hosoda (National Institute of Technology, Yonago College, Japan)

Feasibility Assessment of Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems (SUDS) in Ho Chi Minh city using an Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP) approach

Loc Huu Ho (Research Center for Environmental Quality and Management, Japan)

The planning and Design exploration of Chinese Affordable housing based on Sustainable development

Guoping Xiong (Southeast University, China)

Environmental and social impact assessment (ESIA) of different development subprojects throughout Bangladesh to ensure sustainable urban growth

Swakshar Saha (Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology, Bangladesh)

Opening data exchange for information sharing on C&D waste recycling

Yoshiyuki Yokoyama (Japan Construction Information Center, Japan)

Comparative study on neighborhood walkability between Chinese and American cities

Lei Peng (HUAZHONG University of Science and Technology, China)

Mitigation of Summer Thermal Environment in Railroad Stations

Yoshiki Ikeda (East Japan Railway Company, Japan)

Smart buildings adaptable for seasonal change ¯ The application of the principle of "adaptation" in Life Theories

Agnes Nyilas (Freelance Architect, Japan)

A summer measurement of thermal environment in temporary housing complex of the Great East Japan Earthquake

Motofumi Marui (Kanazawa Institute of Technology, Japan)

Analysis of the heat and water balance of moss through outdoor experiment
- Study on the thermal environment coordination effect of moss in city -

Motofumi Marui (Kanazawa Institute of Technology, Japan)

Seniors friendly concept of transport accessibility - the case study of Cracow.

Lidia Zakowska (Cracow University of Technology, Poland)

Investigation about Possibility of Re-transport of fallen Pollen on Roofs from the Point of View of Pollen Exposure

Ichiro Nakane (Kanagawa Institute of Technology, Japan)

Development of the Three-dimensional Seismic Isolation System and Application for the Apartments

Tetsuya Tomizawa (Kozo Keikaku Engineering Inc., Japan)

Consciousness survey of the role of shrine forest
Study on the neighborhood residents of shrines in paddy field area and urban area

Ryo Kawazoe (Kanazawa Institute of Technology, Japan)

Effect of Reallocation of Road Space on Traffic Flow

Takanori Sunagawa (CTI Engineering Co., Ltd, Japan)

Multi-agent simulation approach for optimizing the urban transportation systems

Atsushi Sakai (Toyama Prefectural University, Japan)

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PS 4-2  Net zero energy building technology, new air-conditioning and sanitary technology, green building technology, water utilization technology
Enhancing Efficiency of Heat Transfer and Indoor Air Motion by Combining New Vented Block with Concrete Wall

Waraporn Klinbun (Panyapiwat Institute of Management, Thailand)

Basic Research into Countermeasures for Station Restroom Odors

Masayoshi Sasazawa (East Japan Railway Company, Japan)

Investigation of Link between Energy Consumption and New Metric ,Thermal Autonomy, for Naturally Ventilated Buildings

Yoshinao Sato (Yamaguchi University, Japan)

Quantitative analysis of lighting energy consumption in a room with light shelf

Kentaro Miyauchi (Yamaguchi University, Japan)

Study on the performance of high insulation wooden sash

Koichiro Arai (Shinshu University, Japan)

Research on Thermal Comfort Zone of Railway Stations with Air-conditioned Spaces

Kiyoshi Sakamoto (East Japan Railway Company, Japan)

Research on the full precast concrete underground station in metro engineering

Deyun Ding (Beijing Urban Construction Design & Development Group Co., Limited, China)

New Approach to Sustainable Buildings: Economical and Suitable Ways for Work Style in Japan

Katsuhiro Miura (Kajima Technical Research Institute, Japan)

Environment and Facilities at the Takenaka Carpentry Tools Museum

Hiroaki Nakagawa (TAKENAKA Corporation, Japan)

SHIMIZU HEAD OFFICE - Eco-Friendly Office Building -

Mitsugu Kawamura (Shimizu Corporation, Japan)

Approarch to Zero Energy Building (ZEB) of Obayashi Corporation Technical Research Institute Main Building "Techno-Station

Hajime Onojima (Obayashi Corporation, Japan)

Demonstration Experiments of Net Zero Energy Buildings in Urban Areas

Takuya Tanaka (TAISEI CORPORATION, Japan)

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PS 4-3 Measuring, control, security technology, robot technology
A Process for Identifying Structural Modal Parameters based on Gabor Frames

Weichih Su (National Center for High-Performance Computing, Chinese Taipei)

Composition of point cloud and global thermal image and its application to urban and architectural environment analysis

Miki Nagamoto (Yamaguchi University, Japan)

Development of a Simulation System Allowing Prediction of Changes in Flow of Passengers on Platforms

Keiichi Yoshida (East Japan Railway Company, Japan)

High-Resolution Remote Sensing Technique of Moving Objects for Next-Generation 140 GHz Radars

Kenshi Saho (Ritsumeikan University, Japan)

Effect of hydraulic properties of soil on three different rainfall patterns after rainfall-duration 72 hours in simple slope stability behavior

Bo Hung Lin (Chinese Taipei)

Fatigue Test and Remaining Life Assessment of Riveted Steel Truss Bridge in Service

Bo Geng (China Merchants Chongqing Communications Research & Design Institute Co., Ltd., China)

The Best Combination Model of Expressway Bridge-Tunnel Sections Based on Operation Safety

Dianliang Xiao (Research Center for Environment Protection and Transportation Safety, China Academy of Transportation, China)

The research of methodologies of ecological urban design based on cybernetic

Hongya Tang (University College London, China)

Process based disaster management system

Muneyoshi Numada (Institute of Industrial Science(IIS), University of Tokyo, Japan)

Riemannian Geometry Based Accelerated Life Test Method for the Automotive Industry

Long ChengWu (Chinese Aerospace Science and Technology Company, China)

Challenge of On Site Visualization

Mitsugu Nomura (CTI Engineering Co., Ltd., Japan)

An Negotiation-rules Acquisition Method in AGV Transportation Systems by Reinforcement Learning

Masato Nagayoshi (Niigata College of Nursing, Japan)

Nondestructive Testing Of Underwater Structures Using Nonlinear Acoustic Imaging Method

Kei Fujisawa (The University of Tokyo, Japan)

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PS 4-4 Next generation broadcasting systems
Dynamic Optical Path Network: a network beyond the Internet in the ultra-high definition video era

Shu Namiki (National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology, Japan)

Development of Laser Backlight LCD TV

Nami Okimoto (Advanced Technology R&D Center, Mitsubishi Electric Corporation, Japan)

Automatic Japanese To Japanese Sign Language Translation System Utilizing Cg Animation Technique

Nobuyuki Hiruma, (NHK, Japan)

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PS 5-1 Railway technology, high-speed train, urban transportation, maintenance technology



Jaroslaw Dyduch (Polish Federation of Engineering Associations, Poland)

Development of a gauge in sprayable Minihoki


Location-Routing Problem and Its Application

Ali Gul Qureshi (Kyoto University, Japan)

New Stations in Japan Reflecting New Age

Ewa Maria Kido (CTI Engineering Co., Ltd. Consulting Engineers, Japan)

Toward safer and sustainable railway systems

Ryuji Tsuchiya (Railway Technical Research Institute, Japan)

The 'N700-I Bullet': International Excellent High-Speed Rail System

Masaaki Hasegawa (Central Japan Railway Company, Japan)

The SCMAGLEV: Next Generation Transportation System

Tomoaki Seki (Central Japan Railway Company, Japan)

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PS 5-2 Automotive technology, society and mobility in 2030
Innovative Technologies for Automotive Turbochargers Enabling a Sustainable Future

Seiichi Ibaraki (Mitsubishi Heavy Industies, Ltd., Japan)

Assist Control for Single-Track Vehicles

Masami Iwase (Tokyo Denki University, Japan)

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PS 5-3 Marine technology, ships, ocean energy utilization, marine resource developments
Air Lubrication Technology for GHG Reduction

Chiharu Kawakita (Mitsubishi Heavy Industies, Ltd., Japan)

Development of High-Efficiency Mitsubishi Exhaust Gas Turbocharger for Marine Diesel Engine

Fumito Hiratani (Mitsubishi Heavy Industies, Ltd., Japan)

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PS 5-4 Aeronautical technology
Active Wake Control over a Long Flat Plate with DBD Plasma Actuator

Yoshifumi Jodai (National Institute of Technology, Kagawa College, Japan)

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PS 6-1 Creating value and solving social issues through the big data revolution
Cross Database Reference among Several Independent Organizations

Tsutomu Yoshigi (Japan Construction Information Center, Japan)

Statistical Process Monitoring allied to Data Visualization and their Implications on Industrial Chemical Processes

Matheus S. Escobar (The University of Tokyo, Japan)

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PS 6-2 Trends in utilizing intellectual property for promoting innovation
How strategic planning integrating your innovation protection can optimize your Intellectual Property Rights.

Yvette Ramos (SWISS ENGINEERING - Geneva Chapter, Switzerland)

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PS 6-3 Role of finance in industrial innovation
Crowdfunding for innovative entrepreneurs

Essobmadje Reine (World Federation of Engineering Organizations - Women In Engineering, France)

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PS 6-4 Value-added manufacturing for competitiveness
Room-temperature Wafer Bonders Applicable to Devices in Various Fields

Kensuke Ide (Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd., Japan)

High speed & quality laser drilling technology by using prism rotator

Toshiya Watanabe (Mitsubishi Heavy Industies, Ltd., Japan)

Cleaner production in a steel industry

Yuri Fischer (Universidade Federal de Pernambuco, Brazil)

Chatter vibration control with time domain analysis of audio signals in machining

Kazuki Takahei (Mitsubishi Electric Corporation, Japan)

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PS 7-1 Design of safe and secure communities, reflections on human and robot
Enhancing Much Stronger Safty Culture and Systematic Procedures for Establishing safer treatment related to the Data Transfer and Information Integrity in Radiatiion Oncology

Takumi Gotoh (Ichinomiya Nishi (West) Hospital, Japan)

Residents' Opinions of Gardien(ne)s of Apartment Houses with Sectional Ownership in Paris

Hana Sekikawa (Okayama University, Japan)

Pedestrian support system using visible-light communication for Individuals with Visual Impairment

Saeko Oshiba (Kyoto Institute of Technology, Japan)

Air quality monitoring in urban areas, as a tool to reduce the risk of selected diseases of the respiratory and cardiovascular systems.

Artur J. Badyda (Warsaw University of Technology, Poland)


Przemyslaw Sliwinski (Wroclaw University of Technology, Poland)

The Ideas On Engineering Education In Bangladesh

Haragobinda Baiya (Affililieted with Bangladesh Government, Bangladesh)

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PS 7-2 Molecular imaging in early diagnosis/treatment

Priyajit Ghosh (Asansol Engineering College, India)

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PS 7-3 Recovery from disease: Part 1 (Nanomedicine)
Investigation of Co-crystal Formation between Piroxicam and Saccharin Induced by Solvent-assisted Grinding Process and Thermal Stress

Shan Yang Lin (Yuanpei University of Medical Technology, Chinese Taipei)

Controlled preparation of lipid vesicles as carriers for hydrophilic drugs with high encapsulation efficiensy by using water-in-oil-in-water multiple emulsions

Akihiko Suzuki (Tokyo City University, Japan)

Formulation of stimuli-responsive gelatin microspheres coated with polysaccharides and their controlled release properties for biopolymers

Takahiro Fujii (Tokyo City University, Japan)

Internal circuit system for cancer treatment and other wholesome uses

Priyajit Ghosh (Asansol Engineering College, India)

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PS 7-4 Recovery from disease: Part 2 (Minimally invasive therapy and personalized treatment)
An Advanced Proton Beam Therapy System with Real-time Tumor Tracking and
Spot Scanning Irradiation Technologies

Kazuo Hiramoto (Hitachi, Ltd., Research & Development Group, Japan)

Present status of Particle therapy system

Shinji Sato (Mitsubishi Electric Corporation, Japan)

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PS 8-1 Social missions of engineering and ethics for engineers
Serving The Community-The Role of Bahrain Society of Engineers

Masoud Alhermi (Bahrain Society of Engineers, Bahrain)


Hiroyuki Ishiwata (Japan Construction Information Center General Incorporated Foundation (JACIC), Japan)

The construction of Yangtze River economic belt and the development of Shanghai port

Peng Wu (CCCC Water Transportation Consultants Co., Ltd., China)

Transfer Mode Choice of Comprehensive Passenger Transportation Terminal based on Mixed Logit in China

Mei Liu (Tongji University Architectural Design Research Institute (Group) Limited, China)

The influence of engineering, engineering for the society in the society

Xiyun Wei (Shanxi Second Construction Group Co., Ltd, China)

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PS 8-2  Science & technology based on the societal trust & communication, Part 1: Fukushima Daiichi - the lessons learned
Study on the changes of Taiwan's Radiation Hazard Risk Management Structure - The Lessons Learned from Fukushima Daiichi Incident in Japan

Sawyer Mars (Mingchuan University, Chinese Taipei)

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PS 9-1 Promoting female leaders in engineering
Fostering Female Leadership in Engineering: A Bangladesh Perspective

Sinha Lamia Sultana (Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology, Bangladesh)

Reports of International Survey for Recruitment and Promotion of Women Researchers in East Asia

Chikako Yoshida-Noro (College of Industrial Technology, Nihon University, Japan)

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PS 9-2 Promoting young women in engineering: Part 2 Social infrastructure technology
Development of societal base course problems for inclusion and retention of female undergraduate students.

Pamela L Dickrell (University of Florida, United States)

Women in STEM: The Challenges of Culture, Climate and Confidence

Karen Horting (AAES/Society of Women Engineers, United States)

Women Engineers in Japan (tentative)

Mizue Y. Yamauchi (JWSE (Division of Japan Women Engineers Support), JSSPRM, Japan)

How can we get more girls to choose for an engineering major?

Kumiko Morimura (The University of Tokyo, Japan)

A journey with young girls in High School in Cameroon

Essobmadje Reine (World Federation of Engineering Organizations - Women In Engineering, France)

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